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Hi, I'm Pia. 

I started Artisan's Palate in June 2013.  When we first opened, I curated a variety of artisan products primarily from local talent.  What was most important to me at the time was that the items I chose had to taste good.  That was easy for me to decide since I was a self-professed foodie, and felt I was an experienced judge based on my world travels, and my penchant for entertaining.

Well, I was wrong!

I was choosing a lot of product that had one thing in common; SUGAR!  And, a lot of it, from chocolate to cupcakes, and spreads to sauces.  Then I realized these items had other things in common, like soy and wheat.  My mind was still thinking that soy and wheat were healthy alternatives, and as long as it's cane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup, then it's okay.  I was completely indoctrinated in the industrial food system and didn't even know it!

As I continued to peddle over-priced, sugar fueled items, I started to listen to my customers and most importantly learn.  I learned the most important lesson to date, HAVE AN OPEN MIND.  I could have easily continued with what I was doing but I didn't.  I changed my way of eating and that of my husband's progressively ever since.

Artisan's Palate, saved my life!  Since then, we've experienced tremendous growth and we are proud to say that we are influencing and helping others every single day.  There is no greater feeling than knowing that my customers and some of my family members are open to change and they're making a real difference on their health journey.

I still curate, I just don't curate items that have junk industrial ingredients.  The store represents my journey, so I'm always bringing in new items.  What hasn't changed is that the items still have to taste great, if they don't, then they don't get put on the shelf.  

Come and visit us, and start your health journey.  Get on the right track of mindful eating, don't fall into the trap of mindless eating.

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